#10 Julie Wojta


#10 Julie Wojta

Quick Info

  • Hometown: Francis Creek, WI
  • College: University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
  • Professional Years: 8
  • Birthday: April 9, 1989

Career Highlights

  • AP/John Wooden All-American at UWGB
  • 2012 WNBA 2nd Round Pick
  • Horizon League Leading Scorer and Player of the Year

About Julie Wojta

Julie Wojta, a native of Francis Creek, currently plays for Broni 93 in Italy.

“Julie is absolutely one of the best college basketball players I’ve seen. Normally you say ‘this player can do a little of everything.’ For Julie I’d say, ‘She can do a lot of everything. She is a big addition for our team and we’re extremely excited about the roster we’ve put together at this point.”
-Brad Fischer, GLO General Manager

Current Year Statistics

Points Rebounds Assists Steals Blocks
6 6 3 0 1

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